A Lost Art


I’m so excited to share with you my experience of performing in ‘A Lost Art’ at the Basic Space Festival this month.  I was lucky enough to be part of this exciting new piece of theatre created by Felicity Kirwin for Palms Down Dance. I have worked with Fliss before on the short dance film ‘Jukebox Negotiations’ which explored living with Bi Polar disorder which you can watch here.  I also wrote a blog post all about the behind the scenes of the shoot which you can read here.

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Now, back to ‘A Lost Art’! It was a performance unlike any I have ever done before.  It was made up of three dancers, set in a derelict house with the audience free to wander the house listening to the music through their own individual headphones.  When I first heard the idea it all sounded amazing yet I was unsure of how it would all come together.  Felicity’s creativity, choreography and concept however all came together perfectly and I was so proud to be a part of it.

We rehearsed in a dance studio before adapting it to the house, which was one of the main challenges we faced!  Immersive theatre was a new experience to me and having to think about dancing around people and never predicting where they would be was a challenge I was worried about.  Luckily, we didn’t face any big disasters and could easily adapt choreography as we went so as not to hit anyone! Here our some snaps from the rehearsal studio to the final performance…


The piece explored the ‘lost art’ of letter writing.  Each dance focused on a certain letter of love be it a letter between long distance lovers, a mother and son, a lover sent away to war and a letter to a teacher.  It explored the beauty and struggles within all kinds of love.  We would move between different rooms in the house as each letter was explored through dance.

Within an age of technology letter writing is nowadays very rare.  It’s strange to think that before the time of phones and computers, writing a letter to someone was one of the only ways to communicate.  The time it takes to write and send a letter makes it seem way more personal and thoughtful.  It inspired me to write a few letters to people I would normally just text or call.  Why not write a letter to a family member you don’t see often, or a friend who has moved away or even to a close friend or partner just as a surprise! I am sure they will appreciate the thought.  We even asked the audience members to write letters at the end of the performance which we would hang up around the house the next day….

Being a part of this performance was a great experience and a special piece of theatre I will remember for a long time.  A big thanks to Palms Down Dance and Basic Space Festival for such a great opportunity! Check out their websites for future performances!


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