YOU GOT THIS! #WEEK7 – 5 Tips To Save Money


Welcome to Week 7 of my ‘You Got This!’ series.  Time is flying by! I seem to blink and we are already starting a new week.  I hope you all had a lovely week and are looking forward to smashing the week ahead!

This week I wanted to share with you 5 tips on saving some of that dollar.  This year I am trying my hardest to save a bit more money so I can look to the future a bit more and also treat myself to a few holiday destinations that have been on my bucket list.  After you factor in rent (especially in London..*cries*), food, bills and all those costs to stay alive you can feel that there is little left to save.  Although these tips won’t make you instantly rich they can help you to save a small amount that in time can build up. So, here we go….

1.Separate Saving Account

A pretty obvious one that I am sure most people already have, but just in case I wanted to include having a separate account to save money in. This is so useful. Sit down with a pen and paper and add up all your expenses (rent, bills, phone bill, travel etc.) for the month and realistically how much spending money you need.  After you have done this work out what percentage of your pay check you can save and put it into the saving account immediately after you get paid! That way it is tucked away separately and you will be less inclined to dip into it.

2. The Envelope Tip

This is a tip I read about online and think is such a great idea!  Keep an envelope in a safe place and every week add an amount of money to the envelope in cash and hide it away again.  Depending on your finiacial situation it can be as little or as much as you can manage.  At the moment I am aiming to put in £20 a week meaning at the end of the year I should have over £1000 saved in that envelope.  You can then decide what you would like to do with that money.  A spending spree on something you have been wanting, a holiday or putting towards a saving for a house or a car, whatever you like! Its a great feeling to see a little amount of money build up each week and some money to look forward to at the end of the year.

3. Only carry cash around

This is a new one for me.  I used to always just carry my debit card around with me and never carried cash.  I am now completely converted to taking cash out for the week.  It is so much easier to keep track on what you are spending your money on.  It is a lot harder to part with cash than it is to just simply swipe your card.  The feeling of real money in your hand makes you think about exactly how much you are spending on something rather than just seeing a number on a screen.  It has made me so much more aware of the price of something and makes me shop around to find the best deal before I hand over my cash.

4. Check your expenses

Check that you have the best deal you possibly can when it comes to your bills, travel, phone bill etc.  You may be paying more than you need to without realising.  By switching to a different company or reducing your plan you may be able to save money each month.  There is no point paying more money than is needed so definitely have a good look to see if you are getting the best deal you can when it comes to your expenses.

5. and lastly…make food at home

This is the tip I find the hardest when it comes to saving money but it is so effective.  By making your lunch at home and bringing it in to work, not ordering take-aways or going out for dinner you can save so much money.  When you are out and about it is tempting to just pick up a sandwich or a cup of coffee, but after you have topped up what that is costing you a month you may reconsider.  I find it easier to not buy food and drink out when I focus on the bigger picture of what it is costing me over time.  Try and treat it as a challenge to learn to cook or to master a few recipes you have been meaning to try out.  Also when you do treat yourself to a Dominos every once in a while its a real treat!

I hope these tips have helped in some way and maybe inspired you to get saving.  Always keep in your head what you are saving for and it will all seem so much more worthwhile!  Let me know if you have any tips on how to save money too in the comments 🙂

Happy saving!

I wish you a wonderful week ahead!





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