Birthday in Brighton



On August 16th I turned the ultimate ‘quarter life crisis’ age of 26.  Now if you were to round my age up to the nearest ten it would be 30. Erm, when did THAT happen? Even more scary is that if I were to audition for the X factor I would be in the ‘overs’ category…. wait, that surely can’t be right can it?!  But all this aside, luckily enough, I had the most wonderful day to celebrate.

I woke up to breakfast in bed being crept in by my boyfriend, Martyn, and after all gifts and cards had been opened he told me to get ready so we can catch a train.  I had been dropping enough hints and luckily enough they paid off as we headed to the land of sea, fish and chips, dinky doughnuts and hungry seagulls.  Good old Brighton! Just a little over an hour train ride away from London, the sea side town of Brighton is one of my happy places.  We made our way through the hoards of tourists and hyper children (I had forgotten is was the middle of the school holidays!) till we reached the glistening sea surrounded by a never ending bright clear sky of blue.



After taking in the sea air to clear out our London air filled lungs, and of course capturing a few scenic shots ( cough*selfies*cough), we had built up quite an appetite so we headed to one of our favourite lunch time spots, Bills.  The Bills in Brighton is one of my favourites with its converted warehouse theme with high ceilings and laid back atmosphere.


Peach bellinis and lunch devoured we headed to the famous Lanes to continue exploring.  You can’t help but wonder if JK Rowling had been inspired by these streets when creating the twists and turns of Diagon Alley.  I could spend hours exploring the jewellery and ‘nick nack’ shops leading off from the cobbled streets.  As we were so full from lunch we managed to resist a hot chocolate from the famous ‘ChoccyWoccyDooDah’, but they did look DELICIOUS.


Doesn’t it look like something you would find at the Mad Hatters Tea Party!


What we couldn’t resist however, was dinky doughnuts once we had reached the pier.  I mean, the smell just overwhelms you and you really can’t say no.  One thing that Martyn however did say no to was the crane like ‘Booster’ ride which I must admit looked pretty terrifying.  Flying out on a crane-like contraption over the bottomless sea… well, watching it was enough to make my dinky doughnut filled tummy turn! So we opted for the fairground classic (and closer to the ground), Waltzer.


Although it did put us in a permanent state of giggles as we whizzed around and around. The pier arcade was next to fill me with overwhelming nostalgia as I re-lived my dance mat days stomping my feet to the beat of ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ and beating Martyn ‘7-4’ at ice hockey. He claims this was only because it was my birthday, but I think you and I both know that wasn’t the case!

As the sun started to set across the stretches of pebbled beach, what better way to end the day than with a pint and a Pimms on the beach.


And of course, watching these hungry fellas try to nab a few fish and chips from unsuspecting tourists……


Thank you Brighton, for a lovely way to bring in my 26th year.  Here’s to a year of adventures, taking chances and who knows? That’s the fun of it all I guess!


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